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What is Escrow?

Escrow refers to a neutral, third-party responsible for coordinating documents, managing critical tasks relating to a settlement or closing, and managing and distributing funds according to a sales contract or real estate purchase agreement.  


Some of the most common types of transactions requiring escrow include:

  • Residential Sale 

  • Refinance 

  • Short Sale 

  • REO 

  • Credit / Equity Line 

Once a seller accepts an offer on a home or other property, parties may open or enter into escrow.  And that's where we come in.  Our knowledge and collective experience has allowed us to develop an approach and set of best escrow practices that aim for timely, hassle free closings for our clients and industry partners.  

Below are some of the escrow services we provide.  Do you have specific questions or need more information?  Get in touch with us.





Residential Sale Escrow

Residential sales are those involving single family residences, multifamily properties (up to 4 units) or condominiums.  Our team has developed a set of collective best escrow practices.

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Refinance Escrow

If you are working with a lender on a new real estate loan for your property, we can help.

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Short Sale

Sometimes it is necessary to sell a home for less than what is owed, which is called a residential short sale.  

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REO stands for real estate owned, which means that a property is owned by a bank and is for sale by the lender.  REO transactions require a different escrow process than standard home sales.  Our team is well-equipped to handle this very specific type of escrow.

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Credit / Equity Line Escrow

If you are working with a lender to take cash out of your home, contact us.  Our team of experts will work with your loan professional to ensure a smooth and timely closing.

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Bulk Sales

Bulk sales typically refer to the sale or purchase of an inventory or, in many cases, a grouping of properties.  Our team is ready and standing by to service your bulk sale escrow needs.

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AITD Escrow

AITD stands for All Inclusive Wrap Around Mortgage, which is a type of transfer in ownership using a secured note.  These can be tricky if not trained or familiar with the process.  We can help. 

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Hard Money / Special Financing Escrow

Hard money or special financing typically involves private lenders.  These companies manage their own private capital.  These companies are similar to banks in that they can issue loans but the escrow process can be vastly different.  At Pearl, we offer our own Special Financing Division. 

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1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange allows for the sale of a property wherein the seller is able to reinvest proceeds in a new property and defer taxes on capital gains.  This escrow process requires special training.

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